Total Nitrogen and Carbon

FlashSmart Nitrogen and Carbon Soil Machine
Thermo FlashSmart Elemental Analyzer

A Thermo FlashSmart Elemental Analyzer is available to analyze solid samples for %C and %N using dry combustion followed by gas chromatography.  The CN analyzer oxidizes organic matter at very high temperatures (>1000°C) in the presence of O2 and oxidation catalyzing reagents.

Organic carbon compounds are oxidized to CO2, and nitrogen compounds are oxidized to N-oxides. These gases then pass through a reduction column which removes O2 and reduces the N-oxides to N2. The concentrations of CO2 and N2 gases are then determined by chromatography.

Soil Core sample displayed on table
Soil Core


  • Internal rate: $6/sample (prepared samples only). Labor rate $56/hour

  • External Academic Rate: $10/sample (prepared samples only). Labor rate $91/hour

  • External Market Rate: $18/sample (prepared samples only). Labor rate $177/hour

  • For the facility to perform processing and analysis. Contact the facility manager for sample processing information and rate adjustment for researcher-processed and prepared samples.

Samples preparation method